Our services include highly secure data storage with client data replication, a data security service utilizing the most current state of the art means and methods to be used at both the storage data facility and at the client’s site, the installation of complete fiber optic systems, and the establishment of any and all peripheral services and equipment needed by the client for the achievement of its goals.


ALL-AMERICAN IT: Lease land from owner, construct facility, bring utilities to facility, lease facility space to BBDC and others equipment operations of the data center

BLACK BEAR DATA CENTER: Provide the equipment for data storage and operation of the data security programs, lease server space to clients, provide off-site client services, and provide the maintenance of the server system

Meet the Team


Founder & Owner

Wendell Bollinger who is the Co-Founder of AAIT is also the landowner. It is owned in Trust under the Bureau of Indian Affairs, for the Department of Interior.

Marty Malone III

Co-Founder & CEO

Marty oversees day to day operations and overall company strategy, partnerships and marketing.

Nicholas Malone


Owner of Specialized Security Services, digital security services provider to AAIT & BBDC.

Kurt Kraft


Serves as an adviser to AAIT and BBDC

Shane Lindstrom

Adviser & Sub Contractor

Strategic Partner

Shawn Johnson

Business Development & Marketing


AAIT/BBDC has assembled a team of information technology and engineering experts that have the capacity to provide a wide variety of information technology services to its clients.